America's School Shooting Epidemic
America's School Shooting Epidemic 

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The Only Comprehensive Database of All Types of American School Shootings (1764-present day)
Excel spreadsheet with 50 columns that documents over 1,300 U.S. school shootings (includes all types-over 40 types or motives)
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Christoher Lamont Ricahrdson (above)


Carver High School Shooting

Winston-Salem, NC

Victim- Antwain Deshuan Porter-15 (injured)

Cade Poulos-13 Suicide at Stillwater Junior High School: Stillwater, OK

Karl Haverson Pierson (committed suicide after attack)


Arapahoe High School

Centennial, CO

Victim- Claire Ester Davis-17 (killed)



Santana High School: Santee, CA


Motive of School Shooting-

Shooter-Charles Andy Williams-15

Victims Killed: 2

Victims Injured: 13



Grover Cleveland Elementary School: San Diego, CA



Motive of School Shooting- I don't like mondays"

Shooter- Brenda Spencer

Victims Killed

Victims Injured-

Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy: Decatur, GA


Motive of School Shooting-Mental Illness

Shooter-Micheal Brandon Hill-20

No Victims Injured or Killed



North Park Elementary School: San Bernandino, CA


Motive of School Shooting-Rejection: Estranged husband Cedric Anderson (suicide after attack)

Victims Killed: 2

Johnathon Martinez-8

Karen Elaine Smith-53 (teacher)

Victim Injured: 1

9 year old student

Jeremy Wade Delle (Pearl Jam's music video ' Jeremy'  was based on his suicide) 

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Robert Benjamin Smith

School Shootings in the 1700's & 1800's (scroll to the right for more columns)


Date of

School Shooting

City & State School's Name Level of Education Institution Public or Private Institution

Type or Motive of School


 Name,Age,Race & Connection to the School of the Victim(s)                                                          

Story Behind School Shooting                                

Location & Time At The School Where The Shooting Happened  Time & Day of the Shooting Shooter (s)Name                                      

Type of School Shooter

Shooter(s) Connection To The School Age of Shooter(s) Gender of Shooter(s) Race of Shooter(s) Victim(s) Killed at the School Victim(s) Injured at the School Shooter(s) Killed at the School Shooter(s) Injured at the School SPACE Victim(s) Killed Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Victim(s) Injured Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Shooter(s) Killed Off Campus (after school shooting Shooter(s) Injured Off Campus (after school shooting) Outcome of Shooter(s) Fluoridation Chemical Status(H2SiF6, Na2SiF6, or NaF, or Natural Content) at the Time of the Shooting For Each Community That a School Shooting Occurred  Start Date of Fluoridation or Natural Fluoride Content at the Time of the School Shooting Type of Firearm(s) Used  Caliber of Firearm(s) and Other Weapons Summary of the School Shooting                                          
18th Century                                                            
7-26-1764     Williamson, PA Guitner's Schoolhouse (not confirmed) ?   Terrorism   War Inside School-Classroom   Four Lenape Native Americans Adult ? ? Four Males Native Americans 11 (only teacher was shot) 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 Shunned as cowards by Half-King Night Walker, the worst affront in Native American culture, for the attack _ _ Rifle


Indian maul

19th Century                                                            
11-12-1840 Charlottesville,VA University of Virginia College Private (in 1840) Protesting Administrative Authority   Student celebration of "calathumping or shooting pistols wildly     Joseph G. Semmes Two Students _ ?, ? Two Males Two Caucasians 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Two Handguns ?  
9-29-1850 West Chester, PA Schoolhouse at Rocky Hill (three miles east of West Chester) ? Public Robbery   Pharoah shot Miss Racheal Sharpless while she was unlocking the door of the school for her gold watch.      George Pharoah Adult ? 19 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Pharoah was sentenced to death by hanging on February 12th, 1851. He faced the gallows on August 29th, 1851 _ _ Rifle ?  
11-2-1853 Louisville,KY Louisville High School High Public Protesting Administrative Authority   Ward Shot the Schoolmaster for whipping his younger brother the day before.     Matthew (Matt) Flourney Ward Adult Older brother of student who was disciplined 27 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Ward was acquitted for the crime. Ward belonged to an affluent family and he had 18 lawyers involved in his defense. _ _ Handgun ?  
8-16-1856 Florence,NE ? ? ? Revenge or Feud   The teacher had a pet sparrow "of which he was very fond and he had warned the scholars that if any of them killed it , they should die by his hands". One of the boys stepped on and killed the bird. It is not clear if was an accident or intentional. After the incident "alarmed at the threats of the master; the boy was afraid to return to school; but the master tranquilized the boy's mind, and begged him to come back". The student returned and after classes he took the student into a private room and strangled the boy. Upon hearing news of his son's death the father of the slain student "loaded his gun and went and shot the schoolmaster dead".      Father of slain student Adult Parent ? Male ? 1 o o o   o o o o ? _ _ ? ?  
1-21-1860 Trenton,KY ? ? ? Prank   Agroup of boys was joking around and egging on a young student named Sebree was going to kill him. The boy took the joke seriously and "armed himself and walked deliberately up to Sebree, in the school-house, and killed him".     ? Student   ? Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun ?  
2-6-1864 Ashland,OH Pyfer's School House ? Public ?   ?     George W. Longfelt Adult Teacher 19 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Fled _ _ ? ?  
2-16-1867 Knights Ferry,CA ? ? ? Protesting Administrative Authority   McGinnis was upset about Mr. Cheshire kicking his daughter out of school. After his daughter's explusion McGinnis relayed word to Mr. Cheshire that he was going to "horsewhip him". McGinnis went to the school the next day abd repeatedly attacked the teacher. Cheshire wrestled McGinnis to the ground three times. Cheshire then made it clear that if he was attacked again he would shoot him. McGinnis did and recieved four bullets, killing him instantly. Shortly after Mr McGinnis's son shot Cheshire in the head.     George T. Cheshire, Mr. McGinnis's son Adult Teacher ? Two Males Two Caucasians 1 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 Cheshire was shot and killed by Mr. McGinnis' son. I have found no information about what happenedof the son who shot Cheshire or Mcginnis' daughter, who's explusion was the catalyst for the incident. _ _ Handgun Revolver  
3-27-1867 Madison,FL St. John's Academy ? ? Revenge or Feud   In an article titled 'Melancholy Occurrence' in the Edgefield Advertiser on May 1st, 1867 it states, "It appearsthat Mr. Bristow, principla of St. John's Academy, located at Madison, for some indiscretion, slapped one of his pupils, Frank Pope, in the face. Pope immediately left the school room, and procuring a pistol from a friend,upon his return, informed Mr. Bristow that he must get down on his knees and beg his (Pope's) pardon, or he would shoot him". Bristow refused and was shot five times "into vaious parts of his body, from the effects of which he has died".      Frank Pope Student _ ? Male ? 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun ?  
6-8-1867 New York City,NY Public School 18 ? Public Accidental   Day "had a loaded pistol in his pantaloons pocket, and while carelessly handling the hammer, the weapon exploded" and accidently shot classmate Robert Martin in the thigh. Day said when he was putting a pencil in his pocket it hit the trigger. He had the gun for protection from a dog.      Arthur Wellington Day Student _ 13 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Day was arrested _ _ Handgun ?  
1-27-1871 Knoxville,TN ? ? ? Accidental   John Roberts shot out his eye     John Roberts Student _ 10 or 12 Male ? 0 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 Roberts was killed when he accidently shot himself in the eye. _ _ ? ?  
6-22-1871 Van Buren,IN Stone Lake School House Elementary Public Rejection   Barnes was jealous that she no longer wanted his affection     Chancey Barnes Adult ? ? Male Caucasian 1 0 0 1   0 0 0 0 Barnes attempted suicide  by shooting himself in the head four times, but only injured himself. He was sentenced to life in prison. Parole was granted after serving 16 years of a life sentence at the urging of prison, county officials, the jury, and a substantial number of of the town's respectble citizens   _ _ Handgun Revolver  
2-1-1872 Washington,PA Union School All girls Public Protesting Administrative Authority   Professor Wilson refused to deliver a love note for McGiffen to a female student so McGiffen shot him in the hip.     Thomas McGiffen Student _ 17 Male Caucasian 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ ? ?  
3-?-1873 Iowa ? ? ? Rejection, Mental Illness   Stickney was found to be insane. She was angry because her teacher "wasn't in love with her".     Elvina Stickney Student _ ? Female Caucasian 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 Sentenced _ _ ? ?  
3-7-1873 Salisbury,MD ? ? ? Revenge or Feud          George W. Hall Adult   19 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 A man matching the description of Hall committed suicide the next day by throwing himself under a train. _ _ ? ?  
1-26-1876 San Francisco,CA Lincoln Primary School Elementary Public Accidental   A young student had been in trouble for delinquency the day before and brought a pistol to protect himself from a whipping from the teacher. He was loading the firearm when it accidently fired and struck the boy in the leg after the bullet tore through his fingers.     ? Student _ ? Male ? 0 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 The student was sent home by the principal to be taught the proper way the handle a firearm by his parents. _ _ Handgun ?  
12-6-1877 San Juan,CA ? ? ? Suicide   A short article in the Buffalo Daily Dispatch and Evening Post on November 28th, 1877 states 'A schoolmaster cannot commit suicide without stating the proposition. A fort-night ago, a pedagogue in San Juan, Cal., shot himself after hours, but not until he had chalked on the blackboard the words "May this solve the problem".     ? Adult Teacher ? Male Caucasian 0 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 Suicide _ _ ? ?  
5-24-1878 St.Paul, MN Neill School ? Public Accidental   When attempting to secure the firearm which was slipping out of his pocket Luckert accidently fired the the pistol striking his classmate Alexander McDonnald, Several of the students had saved their money to purchase the weapon.     George Luckert Student _ 11 Male Caucasian 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 Luckert was not formally charged. _ _ Handgun ?  
5-24-1879 Lancaster, OH ? All girls school              Frank Shugart Adult Telgraph operator for the school                           _ _      
Date of School Shooting City & State School's Name                      Level of Education Institution Public or Private Institution Type 0r Motive of School Shooting Name, Age, Race, & Connection to the School of the Victim(s) Story Behind School Shooting Location of the Shooting at the School (ex. Inside School-Classroom) Time & Day of the Shooting Shooter(s) Name Type of School shooter Shooter(s) Connection to the School Shooter(s) Age Shooter(s) Gender Shooter(s) Race Victim(s) Killed at the School Victim(s) Injured at the School Shooter(s) Killed at the School Shooter(s) Injured at the School Space Victim(s) Killed Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Victim(s) Injured Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Shooter(s) Killed Off Campus (after school shooting) Shooter(s) Injured Off Campus (after  school shooting) Outcome of Shooter(s) Fluoridation Chemical Status (H2SiF6, Na2SiF6, NaF or Natural Fluoride Content) at the Time of the Shooting For Each Community That a School Shooting Occurred Start Date of Artificial Fluoridation or Natural Fluoride Content at the Time of the Shooting Type of Firearm(s) Used Caliber of Firearm(s) and/or Other Weapons Summary of the School Shooting
1880's                                                   _ _      
7-25-1880 Baton Rouge, LA ? ? ? Jealousy         Charles Behrues Adult ?   Male Caucasian 1 4 0 0   0 0 0 0   _ _      
10-21-1880 Cincinnati, OH Fourth Intermediate School ? Public Suicide (attempt)   Gohen was called to Principal Sands' office because of truancy. The principal referred to him as a "sneak" . He was also told to get his belongings and to go home. In addition, Gohen was ordered to attend the school in the third district. This proved too much for the young student to take because all of his friends were in the fourth district. He attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest.     George Gohen Student _ 14 Male Caucasian 0 0 0 1   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun .22 caliber pistol  
11-?-1880 Woodland, CA Willow Slough School House ? Public Rejection   Arriving in a buggy, Finn called out to the teacher, Goerge Landes, to come outside in the hopes that he would marry her. When Landes refused she fired three shots at him. She missed and no one was injured.       Julia A. Finn (Landes) Adult Romantic suitor of the eacher ? Female Caucasian 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0   _ _      
12-1-1881 Santa Monica, CA ? ? ? Spontaneous Fight   An argument began when a man named Williams asked to speed up the meeting about the upcoming children's concert so they all could go home. O'Donnell responded that he was going as quick as he could. A fight then broke out and Williams shot O'Donnell in the back.     Williams Adult Parent ? Male Caucasian 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ ? ?  
12-22-1881 Gwynnville, IN ? ? ? Protesting Administrative Authority   A student named Add Anderson was expelled from the school. He returned to the school with the intent to annoy the schoolmaster. When he refused an order form 'the wielder of the birch" (means teacher) to write on the slate. Anderson then threatened Gregory's life. Gregory obtained his revolver and fired at Anderson grazing his shoulder and filling Anderson's face with gun powder.     Charles J. Gregory Adult Teacher ? Male Caucasian 0 1 (graze wound & powder burns) 0 0   0 0 0 0   _ _ Handgun Revolver  
1-?-1882 Lola, KS ? ? ? Random Act   For an unknown reason several boys shot into a school     Group of boys ? ? ? Two males  Caucasians o o o o   0 0 0 0 The two boys were arrested three weeks later and were ordered to pay a nine dollar fine. _ _ ? ?  
4-13-1882 Huntsville, TX Sam Houston Normal School ? ? Revenge or Feud   In a dispute over a comedic valentine, Gray shot and wounded another student     G.W. Gary Student _ ? Male ? 0 1 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ ? ?  


Florence, NE Ponca Creek School House Elementary Public Accidental   The Shipley brothers and Lem Harbaugh were on their way back from chopping wood in Iowa and engaged in a snowball fight with the children in front of the school house. When leaving Harbaugh, not knowing the gun was  loaded and also"tampered with, and filed so that it would go off at easy catch", lifted the needle gun and "just for fun" attempted to scare the children, as described, in Our County Paper out of Pacific, Missouri on February 21st, 1883 accidently hit the trigger firing one shot that injured three people. The bullet first struck five year old student Mamie Shipley's right arm. The projectile then grazed "Joy Price's nose, so close that it left a powder mark or burn on her upper lip, and caused the blood to flow from her nose and setting her head awhirling". The bullet ended its path of victims by striking Marquis D. Price in his right thigh. In the February 16th, 1883 issue of the Daily Bee an article titled 'Criminally Careless' goes on to say "It appears that after firing the shot the three young men did not stop to see if anyone was hurt but drove on to mr. Shipley's residence, and were talking with him in the yard when he was notified of the accident". The town's physician, Dr Cofeman examined the victims and said the event "was the most miraculous escape from death he had ever seen in his experience". Dr. Cofeman also said "that the ball so near the bone as to graze it, but he thought it was not fractured at all. Had it deviated a sixth of an inch either way it would have cost the boy his leg if not his life". The article goes on to say"Harbaugh expressed great regret at the unfortunate occurrence and said he did not know the gun was loaded an had no malice in pointing it at the children. He offered to make any reparation in his power, by work, money when he got it, otr otherwise.     Lem Harbaugh Adult ? ? Male Caucasian 0 3 0 0   0 0 0 0

Mr. Shipley believes it was unintentional, but thinking that an example should be made of someone, detained him at his own house until yesterday morning, when he brought him to town and Harbaugh voluntary surrendered himself. The            article continues stating "what the district attorney can do with him is uncertain, but he probably be fined for disturbing the peace, and let off with a reprimand. Had he killed the boy, he would havegone up for manslaghter undoubtedly"

("Criminally Careless," 1883)

_ _ Handgun .45 caliber needle gun  
11-?-1883 Barbar County, KS

Mayhew School House (made the teahce rMr. Beals drink whiskey-no shots fired)

District No. 144 School House (shots fired)

District No. 72 (made the teacher Mr. Lowry drink whiskey) & visited to othe rschools (shots fired)

? Public Drugs-Alcohol, Vandalism _ Stopping at several schools during their drunken escapade thr "intoxicated ruffians" shot up the schools and/or made the teachers, Mr Lowry and Mr. Beals, drink their "villanous whiskey". Outside School-?   ? Adults Drunken cowboys ? Males ? 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ ? ?  
2-28-1884 Danville, VA African American School ? ? Racial tensions ? The derogatory term "school butter" was yelled by Womack as he passed by the school for African Americans in his wagon. Outside School-? ? Allen Womack Student (at another school) ? 15 Male Caucasian 0 2 0 0   0 0 0 0 Womack was arrested. I have found no other information. _ _ Two handguns ?  


Boston, MA Comcord Street School House ? Public Gang Related _ A gang of teenage boys tookover the school to conduct a meeting for an unknown reaeson. Police beleived that they just broke up another "Jesse James" type gang. Outside School-? Thursday-? William Nagle, Sidney Duncan, & five or six others (names unknown) ? ?

Nagle-12, Duncan-12

The ages of the others is unknown

7 or 8 males ? 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 William Nagle and Sidney Duncan got caught and were arrested while the remaining five or six other boys got away. The two boys that were areested would not reveal their companion's names annd speak of the reason for the meeting and takeover of the school _ _ Handgun Revolver  
3-15-1884 Gainsville, FL ? (female academy) ? ? Drugs-Alcohol _ Sweat and Cicero, both Jackson county farmers, "had been in town, where they filled their jugs, and on their way homethey became furious with drink". In am article titled "Wid Freak of Drunken Georgians" in the Chicago Tribune (March 18th, 1884) states "They drew their revolvers, and kept a fusilade aling the way, which people ran into their houses and left terror behind them. When near the academy the pupils were at recess. Thwe whiz of bullets soon scattered them, when they ran toward the school in the wildest confusion. The drunken men drove up the team wildly, discharging pistols frequently after the fleeing girls". The girls all made safely into the school, closing the door but "their assasilants halted and riddled the door with shot, several of which passes through and dropped on the floorwithin where the girls were clinging to eachother and crouching under desks and screaming with fear. The infuriated men outside accompanied the shootingwith all mannerof indescent and vulgar expressions". They then left the schol and continued their drunken indignation. Outside School-Front of school Saturday-? William Sweat, Cicero Flannigan Two adults Farmers ? Two males Two Caucasians 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Two handguns Revolvers  
7-4-1886 Midway, SC Hunter Chapel Church Bible (Sunday) School Public Slander John Steedley Steedly had been sending her and her bother offensive letters and was spresding slanderous rumors about her. Inside School-? Sunday-? EmmaConnelly Adult ? 20 Female Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 In the first trial involving a woman in South Carolina she was acquitted of Steedley's (her second cousin) murder in 15 minutes by the jury citing "that a womanshould have the right to defend her good name". _ _ Handgun Revolver  
4-12-1887 Potsdam, NY Potsdam Normal School College Public Suicide _ Temporary insanity was thought to be the cause. One newspaper article says "the cause was despondency over a temperance pledge". He had broke the pledge several times. Outside School-? Tuesday-10:30AM Edwin B. Bush Student _ 18 Male ? 0 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 After going to Principal Cook to inform him that he had broken his pledge of temperance again he went to his room to lie down as instructed by the principal. He put a revolver to his ear and pulled the trigger. He died  late rthat day at 4 o'clock _ _ Handgun Revolver  
6-12-1887 Cleveland, TN ? ? Public Protesting Administrative Authority Miss Irene Fann (teacher) Guess shot and killed Miss Fann for whipping his little sister for disciplinary problems ? Thursday-? Will Guess Adult Older brother of the whipped student ? Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Guess fled after the shooting.I have found no further information. _ _ Rifle ?  
5-17-1889 Washington D.C Jefferson School Elementary (third grade school) Public Rejection, Drugs-Alcohol Sarah H.(Johnson) Allen (teacher) ? Inside School-Classroom Friday-3:00PM Oswald Crawford Allen (nicknamed by police as "Coal Oil Johnnie because he had to bath in coal oil in the "workhouse" (jail) to get rid of a infestation of "vermin". "a prisoner set fire to the coal oil with which he was being bathed on account of vermin",)  Adult Estranged husband 41 Male Caucasian 1 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 After securing his arm his wife's neck and shooting her in the head he committed suicide _ _ Handgun .32 caliber revolver  
7-13-1889 New brunswick, NJ ? ? ? Revenge or Feud _ The shooting stemmed from an argument with a trustee of the school. Outside shooting inside school Saturday-? Charles Crawford ? ? ? Male Caucasian? 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun ?  
4-24-1890 Brazil, IN Meridan Street School ? Public Revenge or Feud Cora Brubach-11 Brubach had tattled on Corbery for some misdeed. In the Matton Gazette (May 2, 1890) it read that "Corbery had threatened to kill the girl for telling the teacher of some of his misconduct". Outside School-Playground Thursday-Morning Ben Corbery Student _ ? Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun Revolver  
12-27-1890 Staunton, VA Staunton Military Academy (now closed Specialty Public Accidental A.H. Hathaway-15 While playing with a pistol, Whitworth and Hathaway, "supposing the barrles were empty, but one was loaded". Whitworth accidently discharged the firearm "striking Hathaway under the chin and coming out of the top of his head, instantly killing him".  ? ?-Evening James Whitworth Student _ 17 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun .44 caliber pistol  
1-20-1891 Syracuse, NY Bassett Street School ? Public Domestic Altercation Nelly Sloan Barker-30 (teacher)                                                
3-30-1891 (Mass Shooting) Liberty, MS Parson Hill School House (African American school) ? Public Random Act Baldwin hayes & 13 others (all injured) Miss Ida Dixon, a teacher at the Parson Hill School House, had just ended a lesson and was singing with her students in an assembly when an unknown gunman fired a double barrelled shotgun into a diverse audience of teachers, students, and onlookers of both African American and Caucasian descent that were enjoying the concert. The wounded include those with minor injuries to Baldwin Hayes who lost an eye. Inside School-Auditorium Saturday- Evening "unknown miscreant" ? ? ? Male ? 0 14 0 0   0 0 0 0   _ _ Double barrelled shotgun ?  
4-9-1891 Newburgh, NY St. Mary Parochial School Elementary Private Mental Illness

Frank Barnes-10,

Joseph Stapleton,

Lawrence Tobin (all injured)

James ferguson was said to be demented. Without being provoked Foster fired a shotgun into a crowd of children injuring many, including a boy named Barnes, "had sixty pieces of mustard seed-sized shot" in his face and hands. Outside School-Playground Thursday-10:30AM James Ferguson Adult ? 70 Male Caucasian 0 Several 0 0   0 0 0 0 Ferguson was arrested. I can find no further infoirmation _ _ Shotgun ?  
3-26-1893 (Shooting might have happened Off Campus) Plain Dealing, LA Pioneer Plain Dealing High School High Public Racial Tensions

Professor Johnson (injured),

two African Americans (killed),

two African Americans (injured)

A group of African Americans threw a dance which was interrupted by several white citizens lead by Professor Johnson and Mr. Hitch, "who was appointed Marshal by the Mayorfor the occasion, attempted to quiet the darkies. When the poose attempted to serve papers on the dancers shooting was started by the negroes, and when the smoke cleared away it was discovered that two negroes had been fatally shot and two others wounded. Prof. Johnson of the high school, was shot in the leftarm" (March 27,1893:Negro Dancers Shot). In an another article titled 'Boisterous Negroes Precipitate a Row' (March 27, 1893, The Times Democrat states that "six of thr negroes were jailed at Benton, LA. Mr Hitch, the marshal, disappeared during the shooting, and up to this hour has not been heard from".  ? Saturday-Evening (10PM) ? ? ? ? Several males Caucasians & African Americans 2 3 0 0   0 0 0 0 Six African Americans were jailed. I have found no further information. _ _ ? ?  
10-17-1884 Brighton, WV ? ? Public Spontaneous Fight

Willis Gardner-15,

Willis' younger brother-9 (both killed),

Morris Pickering-teacher (injured-stabbed)

A fight erupted into a shooting and a stabbing of the Gardner brothers. TRhe teacher, Morris Pickering was cut while trying to stop the melee. ? Afternoon ? ? ? ? ? ? 2 (one shot and one stabbed) 1 (stabbed) 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ ? ?  
2-1-1896 (this shooting needs confirmed) Eureka, CA ? ? ? Arson? ? ?                                              
12-13-1898 Charlestown, WV ? ? Public Revenge or Feud, Drugs-Alcohol

Killed-Harry Flasher,

Henry Carney,

Ralph Jones,

& two inidentified males

Injured-George Gibson (shot in the hand)

Haz Harding (had his skull crushed-not sure if he survived)




In the article titled 'In a Bloody Riot' the followwing occurred. "A feud of long standing at the bottom of a tragedy enacted in a West virginia schoolroom, where two factions met and immediately engaged in mortal combat". The article goes on to say "This has broken out the old Poca feud and the end is feared". Inside School-? Evening ? Several adults ? ? Several males ? 5

2 (George Gibson was shot in the hand, Haz harding had his skull crushed, and several other "received minor wounds")


0 0   0 0 0 0 "No arrests have been made". _ _ ? ?  
12-28-1898 Clare, IA ? ? ? Rejection Miss May Thomas-18 (teacher) Harvey & Thomas had "been keeping company with each other for some time and may have been engaged, but it is understood that she had refused furthr attention from him". Outside School-? Tuesday-Afternoon Harry Garvey Adult Rejected suitor 21 Male ? 1 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 Harvey committed suicide after shooting Miss Thomas a short distance from the school _ _ Handgun .32 caliber revolver  



Richland High School: Lynnville, TN


Motive of Shooting: Protesting Administrative Authority- Rouse was upset over poor grades he recieved

Shooter-Jamie Ellison Rouse

Victims Killed-2

Diane Collins-14

Carolyn Foster-58 (teacher)

Victims Injured-1

Carol Yancey-49 (teacher)



University of Texas: Austin, TX


Motive of Shooting: Mental Illness

Shooter-Charles Whitman

Victims Killed-14

Victims Injured-31

Whitman also killed his mother and girlfriend at home before the school shooting




Thurston High School: Springfield, OR


Motive of Shooting: Mental Illness

Shooter-Kipland Kinkel

Victims Killed-2

Victims injured-22


Kinkel was sentenced to 112 years in prison


Heritage High School: Conyers, GA


Motive of Shooting: Mental Illness

Shooter- T.J. Soloman

Victims Killed-None

Victims Injured-6

Soloman was sentenced to 40 years in prison. It was later reduced to 20 years. In 2016 he was released from prison. He served 17 years



School Shootings in the 1900's

Date of School Shooting City &          State              School's Name                    Level of Education Institution Public or Private Institution Type or Motive of School Shooting Name,Age,Race, & Connection to the School of the Victim(s)                                                   

Story Behind School Shooting                                                        

Location at the School Where the Shooting Happened Time & Day of the Shooting Shooter(s) Name             Type of School Shooter Shooter(s) Connection to the School Age of the Shooter(s) Gender of the Shooter(s) Race of the Shooter(s) Victim(s) Killed at the School Victim(s) Injured at the School Shooter(s) Killed at the School Shooter(s) Injured at the School SPACE Victim(s) Killed Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Victim(s) Injured Off Campus (before or after school shooting) Shooter(s) Killed Off Campus (after school shooting) Shooter(s) Injured Off Campus(after school shooting) Outcome of the Shooter(s)                             Fluoridation Chemical Status (H2SiF6, Na2SiF6, NaF or Natural Fluoride Content) at the Time of the Shooting for Each Community That a School Shooting Occurred Start Date of Fluoridation or natural Fluoride Content at the Time of the Shooting Type of Firearm(s) Used Caliber of Firearm(s) and/or Other Weapons  
5-12-1900 Danbury,CT ? ? Public Rejection                                                  
2-26-1902 Tuscola, IL ? ? Public Rejection Eva C. Wiseman-19 (teacher)   Inside School-Classroom Tuesday-9:30AM Fletcher R. Barnett Adult Rejected suitor 22 Male ? 1 0 0 1   0 0 0 0   _ _ Handgun Revolver  
2-24-1903 Inman, SC Inman High School High Public Protesting Administrative Authority Edwin (or Jesse) Foster-17   Inside School-Classroom Friday-Afternoon Rueben B. Pitts Adult Teacher ? Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Pitts was acquitted on grounds of self-defense _ _ Handgun Revolver  
7-21-1903 Jackson, KY Cave Run School House ? Public Revenge or Feud, Gambling James Vires-12   Inside School-Classroom Tuesday-? James Barrett, Mack Howard (shooting at each other) Two adults ? ? Two males African American, Caucasian 0 1 2 0   0 0 0 0 Both shooters were killed in the duel. Both the Howard & Barrett families were arrested.    _ _ Two Hanguns ?  
9-23-1903 South Fork Valley, CA (70 miles away from Bakersfield, CA in the mountains) Scodie School House ? Public Accidental _ While sitting on the front steps of the school with friends Powers dropped the shotgun causing it to discharge, striking him in the abdomen and killing him Outside School-Front of school Saturday-Morning Victor Powers Student _ 14 Male ? 0 0 1 0   0 0 0 0 Powers was hit in the abdomen when the shotgun fired, killing him "before assitance could reach him". _ _ Shotgun ?  
4-6-1904 Chicago, IL ? ? Public Revenge or Feud Paul Jelick-16   Outside School Wedsneday-9:30PM Henry Schaze Student _ 16 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 Schaze was acquiited of wrong doing by a coroner's jury on the grounds of self-defense _ _ Handgun Revolver  
9-26-1904 (near) Mount Ayr, IA Saltzman School House ? Public Revenge or Feud Sameul Elgy (school director-farmer) An argument about school lwas reignited a long-standing feud between Elgy and Kling. ? Monday-Afternoon William Kling Adult Politician 45 Male Caucasian 1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 ? _ _ Handgun .38 caliber revolver  
11-16-1904 Riverside, CA Indian School (at Banning)                                                        

Maryland Junior High School:    Capitol Heights, MD


Motive of shooting: Protesting Administrative Authority

-Got in trouble for not turning in written assignments for physical education. Prevette had a long list of disciplinary problems and was recently expelled from a school in Raleigh, NC for threatening a teacher. 

Victim(s) Injured

Victim(s) Killed




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