Excel Spreadsheets with 55 Columns of Shootings at America's Schools

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Database of All Types of On-Campus Shootings at U.S. Schools. Master or Key spreadsheet

Updated 1-14-2018 Click Below to Access to View Comprehensive Database of All Types of American School Shootings (1840-present day) LAST UPDATED 1-19-2018
Excel spreadsheet with 55 columns that documents over 1,475 on-campus shootings (includes bombings & shootings on buses or at a school-sponsored functions) at U.S. schools in American history.
(includes all types of shootings at America's schools (nearly 50 types or motives). Mass (or attempted mass) School Shootings are marked the color light green. Other Shootings with four or more injured and/or killed that are not considered "mass shootings" are marked the color dark green.
SSS-UPDATE 1-19-2018 BINARY.xlsb
xlsb File [615.3 KB]

Database & Summary of Statistics for 88 Mass (or attempted mass) School Shootings (1880-2017) 

Excel Spreadsheet with 50 columns documenting the Highly Publicized Mass or Attempted Mass School Shootings
88 Mass (or Attempted) Mass School Shootings at America's Schools in U.S. History
239 People Killed
505 People Injured
SSS-Mass School Shootings BINARY (2) 12-[...]
xlsb File [166.2 KB]
Chart of Mass (or attempted mass) School Shootings Per Race of Shooter
Chart-Mass (or attempted mass) School Sh[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.9 KB]

Database of Suicide Shootings at U.S Schools

133 Suicide School Shootings in American History (includes suicide attempts and suicide-by-cop incidents)
SSS-Suicide School Shootings 12-20-2017 [...]
xlsb File [158.3 KB]

Database of Accidental Shootings at U.S. Schools

Database of 136 Accidental Shootings at U.S. Schools (1867-present day) UPDATED 12-20-2017
149 Accidental Shootings at America's Schools in U.S. History
SSS-Accidental School Shootings 12-20-20[...]
xlsb File [166.2 KB]

Database of 98 Gang Related Shootings at U.S. Schools

98 Gang Related Shootings at U.S. Schools
SSS-Gang Related Updated 8-28-2017.xlsb
xlsb File [134.9 KB]

Shootings at Four Year Colleges & Universities

224 Shootings at Four Year Colleges
1840-2017: 224 Shootings- 189 Killed & 285 Injured
1840-1944: 10 Shootings- 5 Killed & 4 Injured
1945-2017: 214 Shootings- 184 Killed & 281 Injured
SSS-Four Year College School Shootings 1[...]
xlsb File [203.2 KB]

Shootings at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's)

62 Shootings at Historically Black Colleges & Universities in American History (1945-2017)
From 1945-2017, 62 of 214 (29%) Shootings at Four Year Colleges are at HBCU's.
From 2009-2017, 50 of 104 (48%) Shootings at Four Year Colleges are at HBCU's.
SSS-HBCU Shootings 12-20-2017 BINARY.xls[...]
xlsb File [137.4 KB]


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Shootings at High Schools

689 Shootings at High Schools 1945-2017
High School Shootings- 261 Killed: 621 Injured

Public School-647
Private School-24
SSS-High School Shootings 1-12-2018 (194[...]
xlsb File [328.4 KB]

Various Charts & Documents

5 Charts
Charts include: Public or Private High Schools, Public or Private Institutions (all types of shootings included), Shootings Per Type of Public Institution, Mass (or attempted mass) School shootings, & Shootings at Public High Schools Per Fluoridation Chemical Used or Natural Water
Chart- Various Charts.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [27.0 KB]
Comparing African American School Shooters to Caucasian School Shooters
In this chart, you will see how silicofluorides (SiF's) of water fluoridation have an greater effect on African Americans. Fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and sodium fluorosilicate (Na2siF6), jointly called slicofluorides, are two neurotoxic chemicals which have never been tested for safety. See work from Masters & Coplan below about increased uptake of lead from environmental sources.
CHART-Comparing African American Caucas[...]
Microsoft Word document [18.0 KB]
Silicofluorides Are Harmful Toxins (Masters & Coplan)
The neurotoxicity of slicofluorides effect on the violent crime rate
Microsoft Word document [40.0 KB]


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Powerpoint of Different Types of School Shooting Per Fluoridation Chemical Or Natural Water (needs updated)
CHART-Per Fluoride Chemical Used or Natu[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [168.3 KB]
Chart of School Shootings Per Year, Decade, & Century (needs updated)
Includes all types of school shootings
CHART-School Shootings Per Year Chart BI[...]
xlsb File [17.0 KB]

More Spreadsheets & Information Coming Soon. Please help raise awareness by sharing & discussing the databases above. I would like to hear from you! I am happy to answer any and all questions. Email me at ericlaurine5181@gmail.com or call 740-317-7893. Go out a Make a Positive Difference in Somebody's Life Today!

Help Raise Awareness by Donating at www.gofundme.com/research-americas-school-shooting-dilemma  Every donation is greatly appreciated & will be use for newspaper archives, website costs, and other research expenses.

Artwork done by Mark Panzarino (picture above)

    Utilizing an Excel spreadsheet with 55 columns has made it possible to document nearly 1,500 on-campus shootings (or school-sponsored events, like the Prom or sporting events) at U.S. schools from 1840 to present day with over 1,300 of the shootings occurring since 1945. The data covers all types or motives (about 50) of school shootings. It is very important to study all types of firearm violence at U.S. schools, NOT just the MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. 

    The creation of a extensive bibliography for each shooting  that's filled with THOUSANDS of newspaper articles, court documents, police reports, and books on the subject  facilitates verification of the information in the dataset. I have recently began entering the sources of the information in the database. It is very time consuming and will take several months! Please be patient and bear with me.

     The database is about 85-90% completed. The shootings with blank spots in numerous columns simply means I have not had the time to get back to them due to the massive size of the dataset. Please be patient until I get it done. Also, if anyone has any questions PLEASE ASK. I would like to start a civil discourse about school shootings. How else are "WE" to combat gun violence at schools without showing respect for opposing views and each other? If anybody knows of an on-campus shooting at America's schools that is not in the database please email me so I can add it.


Parameters of Research & How I Obtain My Data:

   - a shooting must occur on-campus or at a school sponsored event (like prom)

   - shootings NEAR schools are not included. I also have constructed additional spreadsheets for off-campus (or near) school shootings, no shots fired incidents that occur on school grounds, and bb gun school shootings that too often get mixed in with on-campus shootings in other research projects 

   - includes shootings on school buses but NOT at bus stops

   -includes all levels of education 

    -includes shootings inside & outside of the school

   -shootings where the shooter is off campus shooting at the school (are included (ex. Brenda Spencer-1979 shooting at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Ca that killed two and wounded 9)

    -includes shootings that happen after school hours 

    -includes suicides & accidental shootings


    Newspaper achives are very effective to understand this epidemic of firearm violence that has invaded our education ststem. They are a treasure trove of facts and information on school shootings (all types) and so much more!

       - newspapers.com is by far the BEST SOURCE (must have paid subscription). I have recently employed a new data gathering tactic using newspapers.com . I type the year "1978" and the term "school shooting" into their search engine. Using this new tactic I have found nearly 50 shootings. I have only done seven years so far. I have been stunned of the amount of school shootings I have found! What a great site!

       -newspaperarchive.com (must have paid subscription)

        - justia.com

        - courtlistener.com

        - casetext.com-

        -NY Times archive (paid subscription)

        -Police reports

        -www.elephind.com (free)

        - I DO NOT trust Wikipedia because it is very UNRELIEABLE and it is NOT USED!

        -more info coming soon

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