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  American School Shootings

  Silico-fluorides Devastating Effet on American Culture

              Excel Spreadsheet with 50 Columns of that documents over 1,350 American School Shootings (1764 - present day). The database includes over 30 types of school shootings. Click blue links below to access databases! I also have constructed a digital bibliography to facilitate verification of EVERYTHING IN THE DATASET! 
8 years of meticulous research! About 80% done with research! I hope to be done by the end of the year!
I am not selling anything. 
Please download, analyze, and fact-check the database!

I am not affiliated with any cause or agenda!
   Gandhi says "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it". I have done this because I care about America's kids and also because those who should have already done this research such as journalists, government agencies, and those in academia simply will not! In the 8 years I have been researching the topic I have read many books (and reports) on the subject and I have been disappointed because nearly all types of shootings at American schools have increased . I was stunned when I began my research that a credible and comprehensive database had not been constructed , so I set out to do so! I am not discounting work done on the subject (because I have learned from it), but why have they all done so little for America's kids and young adults?             our children's future, NOT the selling of books or agenda driven non-sense. should be paramount!! America's children are much more valuable than that! 

America's children and young adults deserve much better!! Please help me raise awareness and make a Difference for American Students! Please share!  


"Kill me, please. I can't believe I did that".

-Michael Carneal school shooter in West Paducah, KY after opening fire in a prayer group at heath High school that killed three & injured five

"We need to search ourselves as human beings and see how can we just throw away kids like this" -Polly Powell, the mother of school shooter Nathanail Brazil at her son's sentencing hearing


Different Definitions of "School Shootings" from Opposing Agenda's

Everytown for Gun Safety & Moms Demand Action- "Any incident a firearm is discharged inside a school building or on campus or grounds, as documented in publicly reported news accounts. This includes assaults, homicides, suicides, and accidental shootings".

Kath Tsakalakis (volunteer of Mom's Demand Action for Gun sense in America-part of Everytown)- "I think a common sense way to look at school shootings is any time a gun is discharged in a school building or on school grounds" (Bob Owens)- "A school shooting is an on campus attack with firearms against the faculty, staff, or students, that occurs or during school functions. We'll also include attacks on college students in or near their campus dorms".

Charles C. Johnson- It's not a school shooting when someone goes and shoots a specific person on campus. It's a shooting that happens to take place at a school".

CNN- A school shooting is only when a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school...should not include personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals in it's numbers".

Mother Jones (mass shootings)- "If he kills four or more people in a single incident (not including himself) typically in a single location- excludes armed robbery, gang violence, or domestic violence".

(more definitions coming soon)

I will leave it to you to decide!

I believe that we need to take a look at ALL the different classifications of "school shootings" to grasp the reality of what America's children face everyday just by going to school. This is why I have taken 8 years of my life to do this research. I will spend another 8 years if I have to!

We need clarification NOT quibbling over the definition of a "school shooting" or debates that seem to go nowhere (Campus-Carry)!

America's children and young adults deserve "our best foot forward".

Eric Laurine

Oregon School Shooting
Collage School Shooting picture

Campus-Carry: Raging Debate to Nowhere

      As the "campus carry" debate rages on, with proponents of gun control vs. those favoring gun rights, along with the media, apparently all to eager to exploit the situation, nearly every week more children and young adults are getting injured and killed at America's schools. This debate has been going on for over 20 years as nearly all the types of "school shootings" at all levels of education increase in frequency and potency without effective research on their causes. It's time to put this stale debate on the sidelines and encourage responsible researchers to explore the factors likely to increase the frequency of these shootings as well as the means to reduce the frequency of this violence that kills school children.

     Both supporters and critics of the right to carry on a school campus should acknowledge what I hope is their inadvertent partnership in wrongdoing, and each side of the debate needs to put their best foot forward. In this controversy, it's important to make a difference for America's kids and young adults, putting their needs ahead of each rival's quest or for media's ratings. I was curious, why hadn't someone constructed a comprehensive database on the different types of shootings at American schools to validate the opposed claims on the harm of gun carrying? Or -- given the revolution in the study of neuroscience -- couldn't someone investigate the shooter's brain chemistry and other factors probably associated with the dramatic increase of school shootings since 1945? Surely there's been enough time, but obviously not the "will", for open-minded research on school shootings over the last 20 years. 

     Although school shootings that have injured and killed American students, much too frequently in the U.S., little careful research has sought to understand the conditions which these horrible events are most likely. The FBI has done quality research on 160 active shooter incidents, but they utilize nested data combining shooting incidents at churches or other locations with shootings at schools. The Secret Service also has informative reports on school shootings, but both fell short of anything near the multivariate data analysis needed to address America's school shooting (including all types) epidemic.

    Unscientific summary-based lists of school shootings are available online from gun control groups like "Everytown for Gun Safety" or "Mom's Demand Action" includes shootings that place off-campus or near a school (I have separate spreadsheets that document off-campus or near school shootings), are poorly presented, often mistake-riddled, and cannot be taken seriously. Research audits from "" and other gun-rights groups are little better, quibbling over the definition of a "school shooting" and ignoring many types of shootings at U.S. schools. It shouldn't be a surprise that most American gun owners are law-abiding citizens who are safety conscious about firearms. But relying on either agenda's research on the subject to reduce school killings is irresponsible.

     A simple question has to be posed to the parents of young school children. Does any mother like the idea of kissing her child as he or she leaves for school in the morning, only to have a policeman arrive at her door at 4:30PM with the news her beloved was killed at school during the day? Does any father want his child present during any one of the 30 different types of school shootings, such as a student committing suicide in front of his/her classmates or the violence in the school's parking lot in a confrontation between rival gang members? My point is we need to address all classifications of shootings that plague America's schools, not just the highly publicized "mass" school shootings that we all have come to know and fear. Also, for security at the school and most importantly for the safety and peace of mind of both American students seeking to pursue their version of the American Dream, and their parents who hope their children achieve these goals.

     One major question, for example, why is the shooter's intent so often ignored to focus solely on accessibility to a firearm, an inanimate piece of metal that only discharges when a human loads the bullets and pulls the trigger. Intention (whether due to aggressive personality, feelings of inferiority, retribution for an offense, or demonstration of "machismo" to a gang) plays a major role in these tragic events. The excessive focus on easy accessibility to guns is a distraction to understanding the root of the violence that American students face. Whether it's intoxicated ruffians firing their pistols wildly to amuse themselves, gang-related targeting of enemies, single-victim targeted attacks, the diffuse anger of the mass shooter, or other individual traits, school shooters usually have a conscious intention -- be it carefully planned or impulsive -- which all overcomes all self-restraint. Amid such individualized intention, are there any common factors subject to change that can at least lower the frequency of either impulsive or planned school shootings?

     Recent research on adult violence (as measured in community and county-level rates of violent crime) reveals several environmental factors that are strongly associated with violent behaviors. Although for most humans, violent behavior is usually inhibited (whether by individual personality,successful parental training, careful education, or religious belief). Scientific research shows that disinhibition from these restraints can be due to exposure of environmental toxins that have known effects on brain chemistry. The principle is hardly novel: it's no surprise that excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs can trigger violence. What's new is research documenting higher rates of violent crime in areas where humans are exposed to specific toxins associated with abnormal brain chemistry.

    Such neurotoxic effects have been found where fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) or sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) -- compounds jiontly called silicofluorides -- were substituted for sodium fluoride (NaF) as the chemical; used for "water fluoridation" (footnote 1). Preliminary data on school shootings, available at shows that nearly all types of school shootings are more than twice as likely to happen in communities using fluorosilicic acid to fluoridate their water supply compared to water systems that do not fluoridate with a chemical additive and about as 8 times more likely than in communities using sodium fluoride.

    Analysis of American school shootings since 1945 in which a single victim was injured shows that in communities where 283 school shootings took place, public water was treated with fluorosilicic acid in 153 communities (54%) and with sodium fluorosilicate in 52 (18%) communities, for a total of 205 of the 283 school shootings. As a total, therefore, 72% of these violent crimes were in communities using a silicofluoride. In contrast, 56 communities (20%) not using a chemical additive (or naturally fluoridated-which has a content range that varies substantially because of geography and other factors) had a shooting at a school, while sodium fluoride had only 12 school shootings (6%), showing that the problem is silicofluoridated water rather than water fluoridation regardless of the chemical used.

     Why is it that these two untested neurotoxic chemicals that over 140 million Americans drink everyday are not subjected  to the same scrutiny and attention that the firearm faces in the campus-carry debate?  Given these facts, those who believe that legislation about guns is more likely to reduce America's school shooting tragedies than ending silicofluoride use have a moral obligation to defend their claims with scientific evidence, therefore, should download, fact-check, and analyze the dataset available by clicking the blue links above. It would be much more rational to discuss this empirical evidence about principle environmental factors associated with school shootings. This evidence includes almost two decades of peer reviewed scientific publications associating silicofluoride treated water with higher children's blood lead levels, increased learning abilities, and more substance abuse as well as higher rates of violent crime. Even more important, it will be easier to list the two silicofluorides under the Toxic Substances Control Act, banning their addition to public water, than the unconstitutional act of repealing the Second Amendment (which would be a terrible idea).

     This relevant factual data is available to researchers or critics in an Excel spreadsheet with 50 columns that documents over 1,350 times a firearm had been discharged on-campus at a U.S. school in our history (1764-present day), including 1,223 (90%) school shootings (includes all 30 types) that have occurred since 1945. Whether from well-meaning but uninformed people or shameless or profiteering self-interest groups, claims that the accessibility of firearms is the sole problem ignores the reasons school shootings are far more frequent in the U.S. than in other industrial countries. Silence on this issue by mass media and academic specialists needs to stop and be replaced by concern for the safety of America's children. Understanding root causes and facts from a scientific perspective should drive the narrative, not self serving special-interest groups, the selling of books, or untested popular beliefs. Continued inaction on this deeply troubling issue is a sign of a society in decline where curiosity beyond self-interest is all but forgotten.

5-18-1927 Bath, MI  Consolidated School of Bath

      5-4-1970 Kent, OH  Kent State University   
6-10-2014 Troutdale, OR  Reynolds High School
Eric Laurine


  In 2009, I decided to start independently researching American school shootings. It has been an epic challenge, to say the least, with the result being the only comprehensive database(s) of American school shootings being constructed that exists! When I began my research I found it very surprising & disappointing that no government agency or someone in the media had built a comprehensive database especially, since the extensive new coverage the Mass school shootings receive.

    So, I seen it as an opportunity & set out to do so. I am an INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN. I am NOT affiliated with gun control advocates, anti-fluoride activists, or any other agenda! Simple question for all of them? Why didn't you build a database? Why not let the numbers tell you, not the other way around. Figures don't lie! But liars figure!

      I believe that the American public, especially children & young adults, have been shortchanged by the dereliction of duty from many different sources. Why hasn't our government built a comprehensive database on all the different types of school shootings? We hear the word "comprehensive" a lot in the political discourse, but their actions never seem to follow suit! Where is the CDC considering the fact that they are involved with school shootings in threat assessment courses and research (SAVD)-School Associated violent Deaths and also endorse use of fluorosilicic acid-H2SiF6 (see table below). The lack of credible data on school shootings is concerning, as is, to only focus on gun control or accessibility to firearms which is a one dimensional argument and ignores the multiple complexities involved that create the climate that leads to a school shooting. WE MUST ADdRESS THE CHILDREN INVOLVED, ESPECIALLY THE SHOOTER (if possible). Not addressing the child & other internal problems within our culture that contribute to these tragedies and only focusing on the gun, which itself is not a cause of school shootings, leaves our children vulnerable because we are not investigating & addressing possible root causes. The problem I see with gun control is that it does not address the root causes or other contributing factors of why the shooting happened in the first place & it also strips away gun rights, a civil right in this country, as a by-product. School shootings are too complex of an issue to blame on an inanimate  piece of metal that only discharges with human intention, provation, and/0r negligence. The question where did they get the gun, albeit important, is not as important as why did they want to pull the trigger or even have it.

     On a hunch I decided to see how many shootings at American schools were in fluoridated communities by using Fluoridation Census from 1985, 1992, & calling many water departments throughout the country. See Columns V, W, X in Excel spreadsheet for 

  -Fluoridation Status for each community at the time of the school shooting ( column V),

 -Start date of fluoridation if community fluoridates their water supply (column W),

 -Natural fluoride Content for communities that do not artificially fluoridate (Column X) 

Three chemicals used for water fluoridation

H2SiF6-566 (never tested for safety)

Not Artificially Fluoridated (natural-content


Na2SiF6-186 (never tested for safety)

NaF-52 (proven to be safe. This research does not

question sodium fluoride's use)

Unknown fluoride status-43


     Between 1999 & 2009, 10 peer reviewed scientific studies co-authored by Myron Coplan & Roger Masters documented significantly higher rates of violent crime in counties using either fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) or sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) instead of sodium fluoride (NaF) for the purpose of water fluoridation. Consistent with this research multiple-victim (4 or more injured and/or killed) school shootings (56 0f 87) have been more likely by a ratio of 56 to 31 where silicofluorides are added to the public water supply instead of NaF or not artificially fluoridated. Of the 1150 school shootings of all classifications in the Fluoridation Era 752 school shootings are in communities using either silicofuoride (H2SiF6 or Na2SiF6) compared to 351 school shootings where NaF is used or not fluoridated. (Coplan & et. al,) NEUROTOXICITY vol 5 (Sept 28,2007) pp 1032-42 or available on the web at:

     Now, I am very fortuate to be working with Roger Masters, Professor Emeritius of Dartmouth College, who has studied these chemicals for 19 years. After reading research by him & Myron Coplan about silicoflorides neurotoxicity & connection to lead poisoning I sent him an email about my research. My research is consistent with their 10 peer reviewed scientific studies of higher rates of violent crime in counties using H2SiF6 compared to NaF or Not Fluoridated.

     99 of the 1,347 school shootings in my database are the multiple victim (four or more injured and/or killed) school shootings we all have come to know & fear which have killed 308 & injured 730+ since the Enoch Brown Massacre in 1764. The total number of killed & injured in school shootings in American history, at this point in my research, 797 have been killed and 1,331 injured in these tragedies. The other 1,224 (92.80%) school shootings (0-3 killed and/or injured) in my database, 490 have been killed & 613 more injured. I can't help but wonder why the same amount of media attention has not been granted to the school shootings of a lesser degree (from 0-3 killed and/or injured) given the fact 183 more have been killed than in the mass school shootings and another 613 have been injured. This silent "isolated incident" school shooting epidemic that flys under radar because the excessive news coverage "mass" school shootings receive needs to be remedied quickly.  Extremely often in my research a shooting at a school is labeled as an "isolated incident" by school administrators to ensure that the campus is secure & a safe place for their students, faculty & the public as a whole. How many "isolated incidents" do we have to endure before we realize we have a serious & deadly cumulative problem? How long before we realize ignorance is not nirvana? Is it passion or lust that drives our actions & conscience? A question each of us should ask ourselves.

    I have a lot more information to share & still have a lot of work done before my research is completed. I want to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please email me at [email protected]

    I am very open to suggsetions about other possible causes of school shootings & ideas!

Eric Laurine

     There are about 30 different classifications of school shootings which include:

-Accidental Shootings


_Gang related shootings

-Protests against Administrative authority (bad grades or suspended, etc...)

-Fights (spontaneous fights or revenge based feuds)


-Police shootings

-Rejection (divorce or breakup)

-Random shootings

-Mental Illness



-Seeking fame

- And many more

(browse school shootings by clicking

blue links to school shooting spreadsheets in excel format)

Virginia Tech Memorial
Glendale, AZ School Shooting
school Shootings in America

"Anybody can go off. You can just take and take and take so much for only so long". -Evan Hampton, school shooter in Stamps, AR

I FED HIM LITTLE PIECES OF APPLES! LITTLE GUY WAS JUST LEARNING TO FLY! One day after work I was dead tired and walking across street  and came across this little guy. Spent two hours with him! Unbelievable!