November 29th, 1990- Jan 22nd, 2018

    Now, that we have indentified gun-free zones as a factor that goads these shooters to act it's time to address a potential reason of why they pull the trigger. Little attention has been paid to neurotoxic determinants that could influence the brain chemistry of the shooters. Lead has been known for centuries to cause adverse behavior and violence. Research by Roger Masters, professor emeritus of Dartmouth College and Myron Coplan, a chemical engineer that worked on the Manhattan Project, had revealed that fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6), jointly known as silicofluorides (SiF's), that are used for the purpose of water fluoridation, "increase uptake and absorption of lead from the environment". In their research "data for over 400,000 children, 250,000 in Massachusetts, 150,000 in New York State, and 6,000 in the NHANES III child sample, consistently showed a statistically significant association between elevated blood lead and living in a community wif SiF treated municipal water (Masters et al...2000, and Masters and Coplan 1999).

   When examining school shootings the data consistently shows across educational, racial, age, gender variables, and school shooting type that these shootings are twice as likely to occur in communities that use fluorosilicic acid compared to water systems that do not add a chemical additive. Looking at the overall numbers in Chart 5 of all types combined, communities using fluorosilicic acid, have 668 (49%) shootings. Natural water systems have 300 fewer incidents with 338 (24%) shootings. Two hundred and twelve shootings (15%) happened wher the other silicofluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, is employed. That means that 65% od school shootings in the database occur in communities using either silicofluoride. Meanwhile, sodium fluoride (NaF), the only fluoridation chemical that has been adequately tested for safety and which is barely used has only 57 (4%) shootings. We always hear the words "common sense solutions" in politics today. What's the logic behind bypassing sodium fluoride, the only fluoridation additive that has been proven to be "safe and effective", to use two complex neurotoxic chemicals that are grossly misunderstood?

    It is ironic because the same lack of understanding and void in common sense exists in the way we deal with school shootings. How will we ever reduce these shootings and expect positive outcomes and solutions with an ignorance is bliss mentality? With gun-free zones not properly monitored to access their effectiveness, along with largely misunderstood and untested neurotoxic chemicals being used as water additives, and research about school shootings, sparse, vague, and mostly idealogically driven, it should be a surprise that there are not more shootings. When the next shooting happens instead of asking why has the shooter done the unthinkable, perhaps, the only why we should be asking ourselves is why are we not doing more? 

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