In August of 2009, I began the epic task of creating a comprehensive empirical database of shootings at America's schools. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would spend 13+ years (and counting) of my life on this project! The fact that a credible quantitative database about shootings at U.S. schools had never been constructed really bothered me. I seen it as a unique opportunity to make a positive difference for the country I love and especially for America's kids and young adults, so I got to work.

I am an independent American citizen and I am not a charity, think tank or a non-profit.  I am an independent researcher who seen an opportunity to build a database, the correct way, where others decided not to for whatever reason. I am NOT affliated with any anti-gun or pro-gun activist group. Frankly, I believe the gun control vs. gun rights debate is a road to nowhere! It seems most in the gun violence/school shooting debate (not all, of course) care more about exploiting the issue than they do finding the solutions. Over the last 40 years, both, gun control advocates and gun rights supporters have fought with each other and solved virtually nothing to stem the gun violence we see in this country but their fundraising reached all time highs! If you debate something for 40 years and haven't found the solution, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! 

  I am concerned about one thing and that is the kids and young adults affected by our inepitude into understanding and solving the problem! We must do better to #FixIt! If you have any comments, questions, ideas to improve the database or know of a shooting at a U.S. school that is not in the database or if you notice an error, please contact me at or 740-317-2406.

America's students deserve much better!

Eric Laurine
Phone: (740) 317-2406 


Twitter: @ericlaurine51

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